“You create your own reality! Every day, every minute, every second!”

Welcome to Enlightened Inner Game LifeStyle Coaching!

The spiritual solution for your dating and relationship challenges! Become the man who naturally and magically attracts the things and circumstances he wants in life, not as a result of “doing” but by virtue of what he has become!

It is time to evolve into a new kind of man!

Learn how to:

  • Get rid of the insecurities and connect with your authentic, no bullshit, confident, heart-centered Self! This will get you women like nothing else. All you have to do is show up!
  • Train your girlfriend to blossom into her femininity, open up her heart and teach her how to pick up girls! This is the “ninja” blackbelt level of “pick up”!
  • Run a relationship with two or three bisexual women at the same time (Interdependent Circle Relationship) with everyone involved being happy! Hint: You actually have to become the type of guy who can create the space for this to happen!

Here is how the process works:

Transform Yourself – Transform Your Life!

  • Cut the BS and tap into the power of being 100 percent direct, upfront and radically honest!
  • Develop ultimate inner confidence!
  • Transcend the “relationship matrix” and move beyond the mundane!
  • Discover your inner spiritual warrior!
  • Make your relationships cheat proof!
  • Learn the secrets to dating bisexual women!
  • Become aware of and eliminate restrictive social conditioning!
  • Learn how to transcend fear and any fear-based emotions!
  • Transcend and eliminate unhealthy “seduction community programming” and painful Pickup Artist consciousness and get to the next level of success with women!
  • Upgrade your inner game and solve your relationship problems once and for all! No more confusion, no more second guessing. Get a rock solid understanding on how to deal with any kind of relationship or dating situation!

It all starts with YOU!

The EnlightenedInnerGame process is about waking up from the illusions which are holding you back! I will help you to identify and let go of the lies and blockers within your mind and by doing so you become free to live your full potential! Anything is possible!

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It’s all a dream. Choose a good one!

See you on the other side!

- Oliver K.